What is Mental Housecleaning?

Your head is full of everyday things you say to yourself and to those around you, that just isn’t supporting you, your family or your colleagues.

Consider this: Your brain takes what you say “literally” . Think of these words a parent might say to a child such as “don’t fall off the log” - what happens? The child falls. Say “walk along that log carefully” and they do. Don’t does not compute in the brain - the “don’t fall of the log” has an embedded command and a picture of falling off. Say “don’t slam the door” - SLAM. Same again.

Imagine all the things you say that gets you unwanted results! Understanding this alone can be life-changing! You might want to think carefully how you phrase what you say to yourself and others.

It is the same with everything you say.

You may have read about this example: Factories began displaying signs saying “Don’t slip!” and a drawing of a man slipping. It was realized that accidents were so much more frequent around these signs than anywhere else and eventually they were removed! so what we picture is powerful and translates into the physical.

So it is crucial that you understand both the power of your words, spoken or thought, and the pictures you make in your head and in the heads of others. Wouldn’t you like to choose to influence in a positive way?

Another example: (I did this!) Many years ago, I went to Geneva airport to wangle a return on a later plane without extra charges (because I was enjoying the ski trip too much and wanted to stay longer). I took on a look and body posture of “really not well”. By the time I got to the desk, having thought of how ill I must feel to be convincing - I really felt really ill. And I had taken on the mantle and talked myself into just that. I had made myself actually feel so faint and ill.

My facial expression, body posture, and words in my head - all played a part in the results i created for myself, which also influenced everyone around me too! But of course I did get a new ticket for a few more days extension to my ski holiday - albeit having to re-frame everything quickly as soon as I left that airport - to feel fine again!

So as you read, think carefully about any beliefs you think you hold, about yourself, those around you, and your world, including the simple ones

You will find it easier to discover what other limiting beliefs have been your barriers to getting what you want, even as you sleep and when you wake up. You had better have a notepad and pen ready. There is something special about the moments before almost falling asleep and as you are waking up. It’s called Alpha (a brainwave activity), a state that is linked to daydreaming, and is also known to be beneficial to solving problems, and more accessible Eureka moments ( it can also be a bugging time when you have stuff on your mind and no pen and notepad!) So always have notepad and pen by your pillow.  Who knows whether your dreams will solve your problems?

You can train your mind to function, with full awareness, in an Alpha state, without falling asleep, that can not only skyrocket your mental abilities, but can also be used to prepare yourself for exams, meetings, improving your health and more.

And finally - rather than saying to yourself “Its the way I am”. STOP and say “Delete that” and replace it with saying “I can choose the way I want to be”.

You must never leave a void, or the previous thoughts you don’t want will fill it! Choose the phrase you want instead, and look and posture your body in a way that means it!

Footnote:  You may find yourself thinking of some limiting phrases, and limiting beliefs, now, as you read this post, and some may just pop into your head as you lift your pen. You may even find it easy to come up with some just from this last 24 hours, now - and then feel good about it as you recall them.  Write them down and reverse them!

So go ahead - Now!

Only then can you begin to discover your personal power.

Change your thinking - and you can transform your life!

Author: Annette Taylorfield

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